About Us > Who We Are
CLP India was born in 2002 with the promise of delivering economic, social and environmental value.
Economic value to its capital providers, shareholders and lenders
Social value to its employees and to the society in which it operates
Environmental value to its surroundings
CLP India's Philosophy
CLP India is guided by the philosophy of 'becoming the benchmark for excellence in India'.

The three values that help it stay true to this philosophy are:
Operational Excellence:
It means excellence in process, functions and results. Every individual in CLP India constantly works to set new benchmarks for himself or herself, every single day.

It means they do not aim to surpass industry standards alone, but also their own.
Sustainability through responsibility:
Responsible citizens create a sustainable business. CLP India has a responsibility towards its employees, stakeholders and environment.

This means CLP India creates growth and development opportunities for its employees, creates lasting value for its stakeholders, and respects its community and environment by being aware of its actions.

In doing so, CLP India will create a business that is here to stay for generations to come.
Respect for all:
CLP India believes respect is not a privilege but a right it owes every individual. It means as human beings we are all the same, irrespective of seniority, age, ethnicity or religion. The aim is to build an ideal work environment for employees and ensure personal and professional growth by following fair and honest business practices